Private one-to-one instruction delivered online Instructed by TEST SMART® certified tutors Powered by PREPWORKS®


Virtual Private Instruction (VPI) is private tutoring for today’s virtual world.

With VPI, you will join your expert TEST SMART® Instructor in a private web-based study room so you can take advantage of one-to-one instruction anytime and anywhere! For more than 10 years, we have prepared students by not only teaching test strategies and techniques, but also by ensuring that every student has the core knowledge to succeed. No matter your test-taking abilities—whether challenged, average, above average, or highly competitive—TEST SMART® customizes your 1:1 program so that it’s a perfect fit for you!


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Learn from the Experts

Hailing from many of the best schools across the country, our instructors undergo a rigorous training program, and our on-going training model ensures our instructors are experts in today’s trends and standards.


Master Test Takers

Our instructors score in the 92nd percentile or higher on their SAT or ACT exams and are experts in their field of study. We’re test-taking masters and we are ready to help you succeed.

Experienced and Engaging

While “knowing your stuff” is necessary in order to be a good instructor, an engaging personality and an effective teaching style are equally important. All TEST SMART® instructors undergo one-on-one lesson simulation to ensure they can pass along their knowledge effectively to students of all performance levels.


Powered by PREPWORKS®

All students working to prepare for the official PSAT, SAT, ACT, Algebra I EOC, Geometry EOC, and Civics EOC will also be enrolled in PREPWORKS® online adaptive courses. PREPWORKS® combines assessments, instructional activities, and customized reporting to help maximize student outcomes on high-stakes tests.

Your Best Score, Guaranteed!

We guarantee your success on the official SAT, ACT and EOC Exams:

  • Improve a minimum of 200 SAT points
  • Improve a minimum of 3 ACT points
  • Passing or higher on the official Algebra I, Geometry and Civics EOC Exam

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Our Program Advisors will build a personalized program for you based on your exact needs and academic goals. We’ll assess your baseline, learning style, scheduling needs, and score goals to match you with the right tutor and program. We guarantee results and have flexible availability.