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Prepworks is the leader in online personalized learning, and our award-winning adaptive technology customizes each course to fit students’ specific academic needs. Available on any internet-ready device, Prepworks test prep programs can be accessed at any time, anywhere. We’re ready to help you succeed today – select your course below to get started!

Test Prep

Prepworks Test Prep Programs, powered by our multi-award winning LPS adaptive technology, deliver personalized instruction based on each student’s needs.

Combining hundreds of animated HD videos, thousands of practice questions with step-by-step solutions, and engaging instructional activities, Prepworks explores essential foundational concepts and teach proven test strategies that help students significantly improve test scores.

In addition to preparing with our award-winning online programs, students can meet with expert Prepworks instructors for private, one-on-one tutoring through Virtual Private Instruction (VPI) or in-person sessions at a time and place most convenient for them. For more information about virtual and in-person classes, contact a Program Advisor here!

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Meet Our Technology

Prepworks Learning Positioning System® translates the science of one-to-one tutoring to an adaptive, online platform. Prepworks LPS is the educational equivalent of a GPS navigation system, producing customized learning paths specific to your needs.

Prepworks LPS gathers hundreds of data points by analyzing your individual responses as you learn, and then re-calculates your learning path along the way, ensuring that you learn and practice what you need to, when you need to.

Customized Programs = Guaranteed Results

You are unique. You deserve a course that is personalized to your specific learning needs. Prepworks customizes your course so it’s a perfect fit for you. In fact, we’re so confident that you’ll improve that if you don’t meet our improvement guarantee, we’ll credit you the license to use again!

Combine Core Knowledge with Test Taking Strategies

For 10 years, we’ve prepared students by not only teaching test strategies and techniques, but also ensuring that every student has the core knowledge to succeed. Each student needs a unique blend of core skill building and test taking strategy. No matter what your test scores or academic goals, our lessons will equip you with the appropriate content based on your performance.

The Best Content

Our content team is made up of test taking experts who ensure that every question you see is relevant to your test now. Prepworks LPS draws content into your course based on your performance from a question bank containing hundreds of HD videos and thousands of detailed practice questions. Each question in the course includes step-by-step solutions that are easily digestible so you’ll learn from your mistakes and make immediate improvements.

Our extensive question bank is the most comprehensive and most accurate collection of test questions online today.

Work Around Your Schedule

Our courses are available on any Internet-ready device, so you can access a unique and personalized learning experience whenever and wherever is convenient for you. No messy downloads, no apps to load, just login and learn! We also provide pacing guides to customize your study plan towards your targeted test date.

Real-Time Reports

We track and measure your performance, mastery, and time-spent in real time. Use these tools to help quantify your success and help you gain confidence as you learn.

Ask the Expert

Prepworks offers Ask the Expert sessions on a weekly basis that allow students to connect with a live expert instructor. Whether you’re stuck on a concept or need some advice in navigating the course, we’ll have a test taking expert help you!

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Get the Best of Both Worlds with Private Prepworks Instruction

Virtual Private Instruction (VPI)

VPI is private tutoring for today’s virtual world. Join your Certified Prepworks Instructor in our customized web-based study room. Our Instructors teach seven days a week with flexible schedules to meet your needs.

In-Person Tutoring

Prepworks proudly offers in-person tutoring for students throughout the South Florida area. Our expert instructors are trained in all major standardized tests, including: PSAT, SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE, HSPT, AP Exams and SAT Subject Tests.


To contact a Prepworks Program Advisor for more information about VPI and in-person tutoring, click here or call 855-365-7737 today!