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Prepworks Guarantee:

Improve a Minimum of 200

Points* on the New SAT

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Prepworks technology delivers an adaptive learning experience with guaranteed results. Achieve your personal best:

  • Track Record of 300 SAT Point Average Improvement*
  • Prepworks Minimum 200 SAT Score Guarantee*
  • Meeting the Standards of the NEW Redesigned SAT
  • Real-Time Reports

SAT Most Awarded Online Seal6 Month SAT Online Adaptive Course

Only $199 USD

12 Month – SAT Online Adaptive

Course: $299.00

3 Month – SAT Online Adaptive

Course: $99

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Learning Positioning System® technology delivers instruction and practice specifically targeting your areas of mastery and deficiency to guarantee your success:

  • Personalized Learning Path that adapt in real-time, based on your performance in every lesson area!
  • Accessible via all mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops
  • Thousands of HD video lessons
  • Thousands of practice questions with step-by-step explanations
  • 3 Full-Length SAT practice tests
  • Core Knowledge Toolbox™ – a searchable library of thousands of videos
  • Every section of the test is covered
  • Interactive Sketchpad™ – turns every device into a writeable canvas to practice critical test-taking strategies
  • Two hours of access per week to live Prepworks instructor
  • 30+ Skill Assessments and Skill Reviews
  • 1-year access, no hour or login limitations

Course Overview:

Driven by our award-winning Learning Positioning System®, our online adaptive SAT course is designed specifically to meet the standards of the Redesigned SAT. Experience how our technology-enabled course is changing the way students learn and achieve on standardized tests, delivering trillions of Personalized Learning Paths to meet your exact performance and potential per lesson area. With a historical track record of 300 SAT points, Prepworks SAT is designed to increase your score a minimum of 200 SAT points! Results Guaranteed!

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Virtual Private Instruction: 

Virtual Private Instruction (VPI) is private tutoring for today’s virtual world. Meet your Prepworks instructor in a private, web-based study room for 1-to-1 instruction at the time and place most convenient for you.

Prepworks instructors score in the 95th percentile or higher on their own SAT or ACT exams, and are experts in their field of study. Hailing from many of the best schools across the country, our instructors undergo a 50+ hour training program, and our ongoing training model ensures our instructors are experts in today’s trends and standards.


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*Disclaimer: Students must log a minimum of 50 hours in the course and complete all activities and practice tests.