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Course Overview:

Prepworks Geometry combines the essential elements of assessment, curriculum, and test preparation solutions to help ensure success on the EOC exam. A one of a kind, award-winning supplement, Prepworks Geometry offers an adaptive, personalized learning experience based on each student’s foundational knowledge to help ensure each student’s EOC success.


Driven by Prepworks Learning Positioning System® adaptive technology, Prepworks Geometry is a combination of animated HD videos, hundreds of practice questions with step-by-step solutions, which are specifically designed to meet the requirements of state standards, benchmarks, assessment limits, and test item specifications.


This course may be used over the course of one academic year or one semester for first-time test takers or re-testers. Information is chunked into Learning Blocks, and lessons are organized by Learning Modules, which may be presented in any order and repeated as needed.


Prepworks Geometry employs predictive analytics and diagnostic assessments on both a formative and summative level to gauge each student’s performance level in real-time, as well as each student’s potential performance. Prepworks Geometry also includes three full length practice tests designed to mirror the EOC assessments.



Virtual Private Instruction: 

Virtual Private Instruction (VPI) is private tutoring for today’s virtual world. Meet your Prepworks instructor in a private, web-based study room for 1-to-1 instruction at the time and place most convenient for you. Prepworks instructors score in the 95th percentile or higher on their own SAT or ACT exams, and are experts in their field of study. Hailing from many of the best schools across the country, our instructors undergo a 50+ hour training program, and our ongoing training model ensures our instructors are experts in today’s trends and standards.




– A Personalized Learning Path based on your performance

– HD animated videos

– Hundreds of practice questions with step-by-step explanations

– Full Length Geometry practice tests

– Two hours of access per week to live Prepworks instructor

– Skill Assessments & Reviews

– Learning Modules

– Complete EOC Test Coverage

– All test items specifically created to meet today’s standards


Learning Positioning System® technology delivers instruction and practice specifically targeting your areas of mastery and deficiency, guaranteeing your success:

  • A Personalized Learning Path based on your performance
  • HD video lessons
  • Practice questions with step-by-step explanations
  • 3 Full Length Geometry practice tests
  • Interactive writable canvas for Step-by-Step guided practice
  • Two hours of access per week to live Prepworks instructor
  • 4 Skill Assessments
  • 4 Skill Reviews
  • 16 Learning Modules
  • Every section of the test is covered
  • 1-year access, no hour or login limitations


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