3 Month PSAT® Online Adaptive Course



Online Adaptive PSAT Course:

Driven by our award-winning Learning Positioning System®, our online adaptive PSAT course is designed specifically to meet the standards of the Redesigned PSAT. Experience how our technology-enabled course is changing the way students learn and achieve on standardized tests, delivering trillions of Personalized Learning Paths to meet your exact performance and potential per lesson area.

  • Personalized Learning Paths, recalculating your path in real-time based on your performance
  • Accessible via all mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops
  • Thousands of practice questions with step-by-step explanations
  • Hundreds of animated HD videos
  • Two hours of access per week to live Prepworks instructor
  • Interactive Sketchpad™ – a writeable canvas on every device to practice critical test-taking strategies
  • Core Knowledge Toolbox™ – a searchable library of thousands of videos
  • 3 Full-length Timed Practice Tests with Personalized Score Report
  • 30+ Skill Assessments & Reviews specific to your performance


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