3 Month ACT® Online Adaptive Course

Learning Positioning System® technology delivers instruction and practice specifically targeting your areas of mastery and deficiency, guaranteeing your success:

  • A Personalized Learning Path based on your performance
  • Hundreds of HD video lessons
  • Thousands of practice questions with step-by-step explanations
  • 3 Full Length PSAT practice tests
  • Interactive writable canvas for Step-by-Step guided practice
  • 2 hours of access per week to live Prepworks instructor
  • 16 Skill Assessments
  • 16 Skill Reviews
  • 1-year access, no hour or login limitations
  • Every section of the test is covered

Platform: Prepworks LPS technology creates a customized course based on your skills. There are trillions of possible learning paths, receive the path adapted specifically for you!

Accessibility: Prepworks courses are available on any internet-ready device. You can access your personalized course whenever and wherever is convenient for you.

Support:  Prepworks Support is available via email at support@myprepworks.com 24/7.

Improvement Guarantee: Our proven track record with thousands of students means one thing for you – we promise you will improve or we’ll credit you the license to use again.


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