First, try refreshing your page. A page refresh will solve many problems with web content not displaying correctly.


If refreshing does not work, close your web browser and re-open it. Closing and re-opening the web browser will resolve most video display issues.


If a browser restart fails to fix the problem, please restart your computer or device and try again.


The sound in my video isn’t playing. How can I fix this?

You should be able to hear sound in all videos on the Prepworks site. If you cannot hear sound in any video, please follow the following steps:


First, look at the bottom of the video’s player window. In the lower-right corner of the video player, you should see two buttons, one is a button with a speaker symbol. Click this button. The speaker on the button should have curved lines coming from it in order for your audio to play.
If the sound is turned on in the video’s player window, check to make sure that your speakers are on and that the volume is high enough so that you can hear the audio. You could test this by playing music on your computer/device or by trying to play some other form of audio that is not on the Prepworks site. If you can’t hear another form of audio, then you may need to troubleshoot a problem with your speakers or your device’s ability to play audio.
If your device can play other forms of audio and you can hear it, log out of Prepworks and clear your browser’s cache. Once you clear your cache, return to Prepworks, log back in and try to play the video again.