PREPWORKS® offers Age-Appropriate Blended Learning™ solutions for public, private, and charter K-12 schools and districts and creates customized learning environments for all of your students, delivering measurable results—guaranteed.


Our Offerings


  1. Self-Paced Online Adaptive Courses for Grades 6 to 12: ACT, SAT, and EOCs
  2. Student Work Texts for Grades 3 to 8: Reading and Math


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PREPWORKS® Self-Paced Online Adaptive Courses for Grades 6 to 12

PREPWORKS® is a combination of digital instruction, assessments, and reporting. All of our content is driven by our Learning Positioning System (“LPS”) technology – this is our GPS for learning. The LPS uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide prescriptive, personal learning paths to guarantee students pass their EOC and/or significantly improve their college and career readiness. LPS has gained 50 national and international awards in the education industry with compelling efficacy studies to demonstrate the results.

Online Courses Available :

PSAT | SAT | ACT | Algebra 1 | Geometry | Civics | US History | Biology |


PREPWORKS® is much more than video lessons and practice questions. Our LPS technology customizes each student’s course based on individual performance and potential and delivers Personalized Learning Paths to help them achieve their best scores.

HD Videos

Our short videos are animated, engaging, and developed by our award-winning creative team to help teach you the concepts and strategies students need to achieve academic success. With Problem Solving videos and Strategy videos, our test experts teach essential concepts and test taking strategies with a cohesive step-by-step methodology.

Skill Assessments

Student performance matters! Skill Assessments provide LPS with thousands of data points to measure each student’s understanding and potential in a given lesson. PREPWORKS® uses micro and macro assessments to deliver a personalized playlist of content to match each student’s performance and potential.

Skill Reviews

Similar to Skill Assessments, Skill Reviews test students’ knowledge on specific lesson areas. Pulling from our extensive cloud-based question bank, Skill Reviews can be taken multiple times as practice, helping students achieve their best test scores.

Practice Tests

Full-length Practice Tests simulate the official test-taking experience, providing students with instant score reports and feedback while also helping to combat test anxiety.

CORE Knowledge Toolbox™

Our CORE Knowledge Toolbox allows students to search through thousands of videos using key words, Common Core State Standards or specific State Standards.

Practice Questions

PREPWORKS® courses include thousands of real test questions specific to every student’s performance level and designed to push them the next level. Each question includes step-by-step solutions for all academic levels, allowing students to practice what they’ve learned while mastering key concepts and test-taking strategies.

Virtual Office Hours

Connect with a live PREPWORKS® expert instructor for up to 2 hours per week! Our Virtual Office Hours invite students to ask questions and get additional help when they need it.

Reports and Data

Real-Time reports track and measure performance, mastery, time-spent, and more. PREPWORKS® provides detailed reporting and aggregate data at the student, class, grade, school, and district/networks levels. Our analytics and Standards-Based Reports help diagnose areas of strength and weakness for your class to manage progress against each benchmark.

Flexible Resources for You & Your Students

Our courses can be integrated into your curriculum in a blended learning model or used as a supplemental tool outside of the classroom. Our LPS adapts the course content so that each student’s needs are addressed in real time. Your class can now simultaneously work on the same lesson, while each student receives a personalized experience based on his/her performance level.

Compatible With All Devices: Anytime, Anywhere

PREPWORKS® courses are compatible with any internet-ready-device, so your students can learn anytime, anywhere. If you’re using PREPWORKS® in the classroom, we’re also SMART board compatible to create a unique and effective blended learning environment.

“We are enjoying using your program and have done so over the past four years. We truly think you have cornered a market in individualized tutoring for the ACT.”

– Math Department Chair, Public High School

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“I have used PREPWORKS® for the last three years (one in Jacksonville, and two here at current school) and have a lot to say. The last two pass rates have been 93% and 89%, so we are doing something right!”

Assistant Principal at a Charter School

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PREPWORKS® Student Work Texts for Grades 3 to 8

Mathematics | Close Reading | National Edition | Florida Edition | California Edition


Work Text Highlights


  • Credibility and Quality—Proprietary high-quality content. Incorporates the latest and most influential education research on instruction, learning, and assessment.
  • Rigor and Cognitive Complexity—Reflects and accommodates the cognitive demands and expectations of current state standards. Written at varying levels of complexity.
  • Effective for Classroom Instruction—Designed by teachers. Includes material and strategies for seamless instruction, learning, and assessment.


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View our online catalog that covers National, California and Florida Editions.



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