PREPWORKS® offers our Age-Appropriate Blended Learning™ solution for public, private, and charter K-12 schools and districts and creates customized learning environments for all of your students, delivering measurable results—guaranteed.


PREPWORKS delivers learning activities targeted at each student’s strengths and weaknesses, tracking student progress in realtime. ECS’s LPS enables up to 281 trillion personalized learning paths across ACT, SAT, Algebra, Geometry, and Civics programs. For end-of-course exams, students see an average improvement of 29% and an average improvement of 300 SAT points and 5 ACT points. PREPWORKS® now also produces student work texts and teacher guides for classroom instruction for grades 3 to 8.


Our Offerings:


  1. Student Work Texts for Grades 3 to 8
  2. Online Courses for Grades 7 to 12
  3. Customized School Solutions and Implementations


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1. NEW PREPWORKS® Student Work Texts for Grades 3 to 8


  • Available fall 2018 for Mathematics and Close Reading
  • Florida, California, and National editions
  • Rigorously aligned to state-specific standards and the Common Core State Standards


  • Credibility and Quality—Proprietary high-quality content. Incorporates the latest and most influential education research on instruction, learning,and assessment
  • Rigor and Cognitive Complexity—Reflects and accommodates the cognitive demands and expectations of currentstate standards. Written at varying levels of complexity.
  • Effective for Classroom Instruction—Designed by teachers. Includes material and strategies for seamless instruction, learning, and assessment.





Literary and Informational Texts • Grades 3–8 • 150+ Pages • Over 270 Activities per Grade!


Close reading is mindful reading with the purpose of attaining a deeper understanding of the text. It requires mastery of a range of comprehension skills. Teachers can use the practice of close reading provided in the Student Work Texts to continually assess their students’skill mastery and help prepare them for their state assessment. With learning activities and tasks appropriate for the given grade level, each work text in the Close Reading series includes the following elements:


  1. Literary and informational texts that reflect the types of texts students encounter in the classroom or in everyday reading
  2. Authentic reading texts on interesting topics and ideas, including excerpts from well-known literary selections
  3. Paired texts that require students to compare and contrast important points and key details in the texts
  4. Open-ended and extended-response tasks that require students to use close reading to develop correct, complete answers
  5. Emphasis on the critical-thinking skills necessary for close reading
  6. Skill tags (labels) to identify both the standard(s) and the complexity level(s) for questions and activities
  7. Diagrams and/or graphic organizers to help students organize their thoughts and responses (when appropriate)
  8. Focus on student-created responses


Close Reading Student Experience


Each work text for Close Reading includes literary and a variety of informational-type texts, with learning tasks that address the national Common Core State Standards for Reading. Vocabulary is also highlighted within the texts.


  • Literary texts include fiction, poetry, and drama (at appropriate grade levels).
    • Fiction may include fables, myths, folk tales, and adapted classics, as well as historical and contemporary stories.
  • Informational texts may include biographies and autobiographies, argumentative (persuasive) selections, expository selections, and texts with visual components.
    • Argumentative texts present an argument from a specific point of view.
    • Expository texts present interesting information from science, social studies, art, current events, and other curricular areas.
    • Graphic texts include charts, graphs, diagrams, and time lines.
    • Digital texts include samples of Web sites and online reviews.
  • Vocabulary highlights
    • Most texts include words that are above a student’s expected reading level. These words are underlined within the text and show a brief definition of the word in the margin.


Close Reading Teacher Experience


A Teacher Guide is available for each grade and includes the following elements:


  • Overview of the work text and explanation of its key components
  • Complete list of the reading standards for each grade level
  • Explanations of rigor and complexity levels
  • Methods to support student thinking during close-reading activities
  • Suggested methods for using the texts and activities for classroom instruction
  • Suggested ways to integrate the literacy strands while using the texts and activities
  • Complete and thorough answer key, useful for items requiring student-created responses





Mathematics Grades 3–8 • 144–192 Pages • Over 965 activities per grade!


Mathematical thinking skills are closely tied to skills that are essential for success in school, career/work, and life. With learning activities and tasks appropriate for the given grade level, each work text in the mathematics series includes the following elements:


  • Emphasis on “critical” areas of understanding, as identified in the national Common Core State Standards
  • Questions and prompts that encourage discussion of learning tasks and different problem-solving methods
  • Multiple opportunities for peer interaction
  • Repeated opportunities for students to apply the “mathematical practices” (e.g., reasoning abstractly and quantitatively) identified in national Common Core State Standards for Mathematics
  • Clear emphasis on the use of precise mathematical vocabulary
  • Interesting, conversational tone


Eight Key Standards for Mathematical Practices


“Standards for Mathematical Practices” apply to all standards, and all mathematics students should develop and practice these standards. Students who know and practice these important “processes and proficiencies” develop the kind of mathematical competence they will need throughout their lives. Students encounter many and varied opportunities to practice these important skills throughout each PREPWORKS® Student Work Text.


The standards include the following skills and processes.


  1. Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.
  2. Reason abstractly and quantitatively.
  3. Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.
  4. Model with mathematics.
  5. Use appropriate tools strategically.
  6. Attend to precision.
  7. Look for and make use of structure.
  8. Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning.


Mathematics Student Experience


Each work text for Mathematics is broken into three books per grade (Book I, II, & III). Each book follows the same model, which includes the following elements:


  • Introductory pages that present each new topic or skill for students
  • Numerous examples that provide clear, concise explanations for new topics or skills
  • Varied approaches for solving different types of problems or completing various learning tasks
  • Open-ended and extended-response tasks that require students to do more than “find the right answer”
  • Several pages dedicated to independent problem solving throughout the work text
  • Clear emphasis on the use of precise mathematical vocabulary


Mathematics Teacher Experience


A Teacher Guide is available for each grade and includes the following elements:


  • Overview of the work text and explanation of its key components
  • Complete list of the mathematics standards for each grade level
  • Explanations of rigor and complexity levels
  • Specific ways to support student thinking during problem solving and other math activities
  • Suggested methods for using the work text during classroom instruction


Complete and thorough answer key, useful for items requiring student-created responses.



2. PREPWORKS® Online Courses for Grades 7 to 12


PREPWORKS offers self-paced online courses for the following subjects:


  • Algebra 1
  • Geometry
  • Civics
  • US History
  • Biology
  • PSAT
  • SAT
  • ACT



Learning Positioning System® Technology


LPS lets you meet the performance and potential of every student in your school!


Winner of Tech & Learning “ISTE Best of Show” for the three years in row—2015, 2016, and 2017—Learning Positioning System (LPS) translates the science of one-to-one tutoring to a computer adaptive platform. LPS employs intelligent software to deliver prescriptive instruction across multiple subject areas. LPS technology delivers trillions of Personalized Learning Paths per subject area to serve the needs of every learner, from the most challenged to the most advanced.


Similar to a GPS, LPS locates a learner on a given path and re-calculates each learner’s progress in real-time. Providing each student with the virtual experience of an expert tutor, LPS continuously measures student potential and performance in a given lesson to adjust content, style, sequencing, and level of difficulty at every turn. Additionally, all content is fully adaptive and works on any mobile device.



Your Best Score, Guaranteed!


With a track record of success across 47 states and 68 countries, we guarantee your success:


PREPWORKS Score Guarantee:


  • Improve a minimum of 200 SAT points
  • Improve a minimum of 3 ACT points
  • Earn a minimum passing score or higher on end-of-course exams


We calculate student improvement from students’ official test scores.


We’re so confident that your students will improve with PREPWORKS®that if you don’t meet our Score Guarantee, we’ll credit you the licenses to use again.


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Prepworks is much more than video lessons and practice questions. Our LPS technology customizes each student’s course based on individual performance and potential and delivers Personalized Learning Paths to help them achieve their best scores.


HD Videos 

Our short videos are animated, engaging, and developed by our award-winning creative team to help teach you the concepts and strategies students need to achieve academic success. With Problem Solving videos and Strategy videos, our test experts teach essential concepts and test taking strategies with a cohesive step-by-step methodology.


Skill Assessments

Student performance matters! Skill Assessments provide LPS with thousands of data points to measure each student’s understanding and potential in a given lesson. Prepworks uses micro and macro assessments to deliver a personalized playlist of content to match each student’s performance and potential.


Skill Reviews

Similar to Skill Assessments, Skill Reviews test students’ knowledge on specific lesson areas. Pulling from our extensive cloud-based question bank, Skill Reviews can be taken multiple times as practice, helping students achieve their best test scores.


Practice Tests

Full-length Practice Tests simulate the official test-taking experience, providing students with instant score reports and feedback while also helping to combat test anxiety.


CORE Knowledge Toolbox™

Our CORE Knowledge Toolbox allows students to search through thousands of videos using key words, Common Core State Standards or specific State Standards.


Practice Questions

Prepworks courses include thousands of real test questions specific to every student’s performance level and designed to push them the next level. Each question includes step-by-step solutions for all academic levels, allowing students to practice what they’ve learned while mastering key concepts and test-taking strategies.

Virtual Office Hours

Connect with a live Prepworks expert instructor for up to 2 hours per week! Our Virtual Office Hours invite students to ask questions and get additional help when they need it.


Reports and Data

Real-Time reports track and measure performance, mastery, time-spent, and more. Prepworks provides detailed reporting and aggregate data at the student, class, grade, school, and district/networks levels. Our analytics and Standards-Based Reports help diagnose areas of strength and weakness for your class to manage progress against each benchmark.


Flexible Resources for You & Your Students

Our courses can be integrated into your curriculum in a blended learning model or used as a supplemental tool outside of the classroom. Our LPS adapts the course content so that each student’s needs are addressed in real time. Your class can now simultaneously work on the same lesson, while each student receives a personalized experience based on his/her performance level.


Compatible With All Devices: Anytime, Anywhere 

Prepworks courses are compatible with any internet-ready-device, so your students can learn anytime, anywhere. If you’re using Prepworks in the classroom, we’re also SMART board compatible to create a unique and effective blended learning environment.


3. Customized School Solutions and Implementations


PREPWORKS® partners with schools and organizations throughout the US and around the world. We are proud to work with many of the best private, charter, and public schools and school districts across the country and the world. We are committed to excellence, and our results-driven programs deliver measurable results.


Everything PREPWORKS® offers is customizable for your school, from course material to reporting. Our Course Maps and Pacing Guides allow teachers to implement year-long, semester-long, or intensive programs, with both blended and fully virtual school models.




Thank you for your interest in our classroom material!


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